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No need to hold expensive stocks…we provide materials, equipment and expertise…

We can apply everything listed under chemicals, fertilisers and grass seed – just tell us what you need, where and when you need it and we do the rest.

If you already have an accurate site map, we can use it to set out the most efficient application pattern. At UK Amenity we cover all types of grass areas, from sports fields, golf courses, large estates, business parks to safari parks. You name it we do it. If you have a grass area which needs attention then contact us now for a free quote.

How it works

Call or email us for a quote. Once your order has been processed we can arrange for it to be dispatched to your premises or alternatively we can bring it along on the day. We arrive at a pre-arranged time and start the job as early as possible, minimising disruption to your business and helping to keep your customers happy. We don’t need to wait for your staff to arrive, we can simply arrive, set-up, spray and be gone by the time teeing off starts.

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