Activator 90 5L – Wetting Agent

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Pack size: 5L

Active ingredients: 750g/kg Alcohol Ethxylates + 150g/l natural fatty acids.

Area covered: up to 20ha

Knapsack Sprayer Rate: 10ml/10L of water

Boom Sprayer Rate: 0.1% of spray solution

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Activator 90 wetting agent is suitable for use in horticulture, agriculture & forestry. It combines with a pesticide’s active ingredient to improve performance and retention. Activator 90 also helps to prevent drift.

Activator 90 contains alcohol ethoxylates and natural fatty acids. This emulsifiable concentrate can be used with all approved pesticides which require a non-ionic wetter. Activator 90 also has a low application rate making it a popular choice for large scale users.

This product will increase the activity of pesticides and herbicides helping the active ingredients absorb into the plant quicker and deeper.

This improved formulation can be very useful when controlling tough waxy weeds such as ivy and ragwort.

Key Points:

  • Improves pesticide/herbicide performance.
  • Reduces drift.
  • Improves retention.
  • Has a built-in anti-foam/defoamer.
  • There is no risk of over wetting and run-off.
  • Authorised for use with all approved pesticides on all edible crops provided that the statutory conditions of use for the pesticide are followed.


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