Agritox 10L

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Pack size: 5L

Active Ingredient: 500g/L (44.25% w/w) MCPA as the Dimethylamine salt.

MAPP No: 14894

Boom Sprayer Rate: Up to 3.3L per Hectare

Knapsack Rate: N/A

Area Covered: 3 Hectares

A selective herbicide for the control of many broadleaved weeds in cereals and grassland.

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Agritox is a selective MCPA weed killer approved for use in grassland and cereals. This selective herbicide will control a large number of broad-leaved weeds such as charlock, buttercup, poppy, thistles and a wide range of perennial weeds.

It can be used on established grassland and leys over one year old.

MCPA delivers great results against tough grassland weeds.

Agritox s well suited to use in areas where large areas of the same weed reside, for example, 5 acres of grassland infested with thistles.

Key points:

  • Control of some important broadleaved weeds including Charlock, Fat hen, Corn buttercup, Poppy and Volunteer oilseed rape.
  • Top growth killed on a wide range of perennial weeds in grassland.
  • Can be used on established grassland and leys over one year old.
  • No following crop restrictions.
  • Useful tank-mixer especially in spring cereals
  • Non-ALS herbicide making Agritox a useful tool for resistance management of weeds such as Poppies.

We advise mixing Agritox with Depitox 10L to further enhance the number of weeds controlled. This mixture also enables control of tougher weeds such as ragwort, soft rush & large docks.

This product is not approved to be used with a knapsack sprayer.

Always wear Chemical Resistant Spraying Gloves when using Agritox.



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