Nufarm Depitox 500 10L – The Best Selective Weed Killer -Thistles, Nettles, Ragwort and Rush.

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Pack size: 5L

Active ingredients: 500g/L 2,4-D (40.1% w/w) as the diethanolamine salt.

MAPP No: 17597

Pack coverage: Up to 4 Hectares or 40,000m2

Knapsack sprayer rate: 140ml/10L of water

Boom sprayer rate: 3.3L/ha

Depitox 500 is a selective herbicide for the control of many tough broad-leaved weeds (including ragwort) in amenity and agricultural grassland.


Depitox 500 is most effective on docks, thistles, nettles, rush and ragwort.

Keep livestock out of treated area until poisonous weeds such as ragwort have died and become unpalatable. It is also advised to keep livestock out for 1-2 weeks prior to application to allow lush growth.

Depitox 500 is widely used as a mixer product as it is more effective this way. We would recommend mixing with another selective herbicide in order to increase its spectrum, for example – Agritox 10L.

Key Points:

  • Offers selective control of annual and perennial broad-leaved weeds such as thistles, nettles, ragwort and rush.
  • Non-ALS mode of action to help manage herbicide resistance.
  • Approved for use in amenity and agricultural grassland and turf.
  • Can be mixed with another selective herbicide to increase the product’s spectrum and performance.

Looking for a smaller Depitox 500? We have Depitox 500 5L.

Always wear Chemical Resistant Spraying Gloves when using Depitox 500.



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