Duplosan KV 10L control broad-leaved and curled dock in grassland

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Pack size: 10L

Active Ingredients: 600 g/l (48% w/w) optically active Isomer Mecoprop-P

Application rate: 1.5-2.4L/ha

Duplosan KV is a selective herbicide for the control of a wide range of broad-leaved weeds in amenity grassland and manged amenity turf.


Duplosan KV is absorbed by both shoots and roots and is rapidly translocated within herbaceous plants.

Two applications of Duplosan KV can be made per year. For spring and summer sown turf, apply approximately two months after sowing.

Turf sown or laid later in the year should not be treated until the following spring. For established turf apply during the growing season.

Key points:

  • Can be tank-mixed with Depitox and T2 Green Pro for an even wider range of weed control.
  • Works in cooler conditions.
  • Flexible tank-mix product.

Always wear Chemical Resistant Spraying Gloves when using Duplosan KV.



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