FP-747 Spray Adjuvant 5L

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Pack size: 5L

FP-747 is a premium quality spray adjuvant that can be used to enhance the activity and effectiveness of plant nutrients and chemicals such as insecticides, fungicides & herbicides.

FP-747 is a must if you have hard water or high bicarbonates.

FP-747 may be used as a general adjuvant or to specifically lower the pH of spraying solutions.


Key points:

  • Nullifies Bicarbonates
  • Lowers pH of spray solution
  • Counteracts problems with hard and soft water
  • Enhances colour through micronutrient release
  • Increases chemical efficacy of both systemic and contact applications
  • Super charges your spray and irrigation water

Most pesticides are sensitive to the pH of the spray solutions.

FP-747 provides accurate buffering of spray solution pH allowing full effectiveness of pesticides and nutrients.

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