Padawan 5L – Plant Growth Regulator

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Pack size: 5L

Active ingredient: 480g/L Ethephon

Padawan plant growth regulator reduces straw length and gives higher resistance to lodging.

Padawan may improve ease of harvest in crops of winter barley, spring barley and winter wheat with high lodging risk.

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Padawan is a plant growth regulator treatment will be efficient on healthy and no-stressed crops which have received adequate inputs. It is recommended to apply Padawan before lodging occurs.

The best response to Padawan plant growth regulator is obtained when the crop is growing vigorously and under conditions of high fertility.

Only winter barley, spring barley and winter wheat crops at risk from lodging should be treated with Padawan.

Thin crops and particularly those on soils of low fertility are less likely to lodge, and in addition, such crops may ripen prematurely.

Always use Chemical Resistant Spraying Gloves when using Padawan.



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