ProteSyn Liquid Sunshine Amino Acid 10L

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Pack size: 10L

Application rate: 10L/ha (bi-weekly) or 5L/ha (weekly).

As stress increases, 15L/ha is appropriate.

Under high stress or to assist recovery, 20L/ha.]

Nutrient content:

1.0% Organic Nitrogen (N)

2.0% Ureic Nitrogen (N)

2.0% Phosphorous Pentoxide (P205)

or 0.9% Phosphorous (P)

3.0% Potassium Oxide (K20)

or 2.5% Potassium (K)

Total: 1088kg/L


ProteSyn is a new and improved proprietary formulation of concentrated amino acid proteins and carbohydrates fortified with plant enzymes, vitamins, plant sugars and other simple and complex carbons in a 6-2-3 nutrient base.

Key points:

  • Enhanced growth in low light/shade conditions
  • Exceptional compatibility & product stability
  • Improved plant strength
  • Plant energy
  • Converting excessive Nitrogen
  • Linear uptake of nutrients

Sustenance of plant health requires production of mature proteins through completion of photosynthesis.

ProteSyn conserves plant energy and directly improves its photosynthetic efficiency by providing complete amino acids and carbohydrates and facilitating the formation of mature proteins which are usually deficient in turfgrass under stress and intensive use.

Amino Acids – Required for complete and mature protein formation

Carbohydrates – Sime and complex carbon form energy necessary for photosynthesis

Proteins – Facilitates the creation of mature proteins, the building block of cell division

Vitamins – Necessary for plant digestion and photosynthesis


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