Soluble Urea 46-0-0 25KG

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Pack size: 25KG

Pack area coverage: 3500-10,000m2

Knapsack sprayer rate: 0.5-3.0KG/10L of water = 500m2

Boom sprayer rate: 10-60KG/ha

Soluble Urea is a soluble fertiliser granule that is dissolved in water and sprayed on. It is ideal for use through fertigation systems, drip irrigators & sprayers. It offers a fast response from the grass with greening effects seen within days, and will last 4-10 weeks depending on the time of year.

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Apply evenly, avoid overlapping or missing areas, using a suitable calibrated sprayer. When mixing introduce slowly into 90% of final water volume, undertaking tank agitation throughout, until fully dissolved. Do not apply during a drought or if frost is forecast.

This product can be tank mixed with most fungicides & pesticides.

Avoid overlapping/missing areas with the use of our Deva Foam Bout Marker.

Add Iron to your mix for the perfect blend to reach your turf’s full potential.

*Brand may vary –  Product will still be prilled urea *



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Weight 25 kg