Companion Gold 5L

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Pack size: 5L

Application Rate: 250 – 1000ml / 100L

Specially designed for use with glyphosate.

The unique six way mode of action offers easy filling through foam reduction.

In hard water areas the water conditioner and pH buffer maintain efficacy, whilst the exceptional drift reduction ensures the glyphosate remains where it is targeted.

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Companion Gold also improves retention of glyphosate on the target surface and increases rainfastness.

These six modes of action ensure enhanced efficacy of glyphosate based herbicides.

Key points:

  • Improves effectiveness of glyphosate based products
  • Significantly faster kill
  • Can use higher rate in hard water areas

Looking for glyphosate to use with Companion Gold? We recommend Glyfer 20L, Rosate Glyphosate 5L or RoundUp ProActive 5L.

Always wear Chemical Resistant Spraying Gloves when using Companion Gold.



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