Diamond Horse Tail Weed Killer 5L

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Pack size: 5L

Active Ingredients: 160g/L 2,4-D + 240g/L Glyphosate

MAPP No: 18832

Boom Sprayer Rate: 3-5L/ha

Knapsack Rate: 50-100ml per 10L of water

Area Covered: Up to 1 Hectare

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Diamond offers outstanding results on a variety of tough annual and perennial weeds which include horsetail, bindweed and ragwort.

Diamond is a soluble concentrate containing 160g/L 2,4-D + 240g/L glyphosate. For controlling horsetail, Diamond is the ideal product due to containing glufosinate-ammonium, which controls horsetail.

Diamond has been approved for application on amenity vegetation, orchards, hard surfaces (including railway ballast) and green cover not being used for crop production.

Once applied, the 2,4-D will breakdown the leaf tissue which allows the glyphosate to translocate around the plant far quicker and deeper. Diamond will give you complete control to grasses and broad-leaved weeds, Diamond is able to achieve this faster than glyphosate alone as it penetrates deep into the root system swifter.

Key Benefits:

  • Faster acting than glyphosate alone.
  • Controls tough weeds such as nettle, ragwort, horsetail and many other broad-leaved weeds which are difficult to kill with Glyphosate alone.
  • Grassland destruction recommendation, giving improved and quicker control of weeds such as docks.
  • Fast acting – one application for target weeds.
  • Extended weed spectrum to manage tough to control weeds like thistles, oilseed rape and grasses.
  • Uses less glyphosate per hectare- you can reduce by half the amount of glyphosate per hectare with the same result.
  • Safe formulation for trees in orchards.

Always wear Chemical Resistant Spraying Gloves when using Diamond.



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