Grazon Pro 1L weed killer safe on grass to control nettles, docks & thistles

£48.75 exc VAT

Pack size: 1L

Active ingredients: 240g/l Triclopyr & 60g/l Clopyralid

Area covered: 1 Hectare

Pack coverage: Up to 1ha or 2.5 Acres or 10,000m2

Knapsack sprayer rate: 60ml/10L of water

Grazon Pro is a selective weedkiller for the control of perennial broad-leaved weeds such as nettle, docks & thistle in established grassland.


The best method for the effective control of weeds such as these is by using a selective weed killer such as Grazon Pro.

Grazon Pro is a strong weed killer that will control the weeds listed on the label but will not harm grass, making it the market leading product for spot spraying unsightly paddock weeds. Grazon Pro is also effective on weeds such as dandelion, creeping buttercup & daisy.

Key Points:

  • Selective weed killer for the management of a number of broad-leaved perennial weeds such as thistles, nettles, burdock, dandelion and daisy.
  • Fast acting and does not harm grass.
  • Kills the root of the weed resulting in long-term control.

Always wear Chemical Resistant Spraying Gloves when using Grazon Pro.



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