H2Pro DewSmart 10L

£150.48 Inc VAT

Pack size: 10L

Application rate: 10L/ha

Pack coverage: 10,000m2

Longevity: up to 21 days

Turf response: <24 hours

Dew dispersant for turf grass areas.



H2Pro DewSmart is a dew dispersant product for turf grass areas. It is designed to prevent or reduce the formation of dew on the grass leaf. The formulation contains specifically selected sticking and spreading surfactants that bond to the leaf surface and prevent moisture droplets from forming. DewSmart is ideal for use on greens to help minimize the risk of disease outbreaks and improve turf health and quality.

The dew forming on grass blades can be problematic because it provides very good conditions for the spread and expansion of fungal diseases. It is no coincidence that the time of year with high disease pressure, the autumn, warm winter days and early spring, are also the times of year when you see the greatest number of ‘dew days’. The moisture coating the leaf allows easy spread of fungal spores and the water droplets will combine with ‘guttation’ water to provide food for the fungal pathogens.

A single application of DewSmart can prevent dew forming for an extended time period (under optimum conditions), which reduces the need to switch/brush the greens on a daily basis, thus saving staff time. It will also provide protection over the weekend when switching might not take place. There is the added benefit of having the greens dew-free for the early morning golfer as well. The surface will be drier for cutting which should allow a cleaner cut.

Always use Chemical Resistant Spraying Gloves when using H2pro DewSmart.



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