THE CHIEF Portable Electric ULV Misting Applicator

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Key Features The CHIEF-700TM
– Portable, Electric ULV Mister
A Tough Workman’s machine built for Heavy Duty Commercial Use
Key Features
• The CHIEF-700 is unique in terms of Care, Service and Maintenance
• Minimal Service Tools are required (1 x Wrench, 1 x Screwdriver) to dis-assemble and re-assemble
the entire machine - all Parts.
• It is Field Strippable – pretty much BY HAND – of major components including All Electrical
Replacement requirements. The CHIEF-700 can be dis-assembled and re-assembled by HAND.
■ Motor / Filter / Anti –Torque Block replacement – no Tools required.
■ Nozzle Replacement / Cleaning / Service – no Tools required.
■ Formulation Tank Replacement / Cleaning – no Tools required.
• The CHIEF-700 is constructed with rugged with Chemically Resistant High Grade Virgin HD Polyethylene
• The CHIEF-700 has::
• a Powerful 700 Watt Samsung Motor
• an anti-torque effect elimination assembly - with a purpose designed ‘anti-torque’ block and bracket
preventing motor spin and twisted wiring.
• an internal Heat Shield – dramatically reducing Air Friction Heat to Motor/ Nozzle Housing.
• all-metal Liquid / Air Delivery Components – except for 2 External Flexible Nylon Liquid / Air Delivery
• all fittings are BRASS – no plastic bolts/nuts. Stainless Steel fittings are option
• The CHIEF-700 features THREADED SCREW CAPS – Closures ARE NOT secured with metal to plastic screws.
■ Screw Caps - completely eliminate any air pressure loss.
■ Screw Caps - have large Grip-Lugs for easy hand tightening.
■ Screw Caps - allow for ease of Field Servicing.
■ Screw-on Caps feature for:
• (1) Motor within Housing containment.
• (2) Securing Nozzle Diffuser and Nozzle Face Plate to Body.
• (3) Securing Flow-Rate Control Adapter to Valve Port on Formulation Tank.
• (4) Body and Formulation Tank union.
• (5) “Dry Air” Hose Assembly with Built-In Clean Air Filter insert with washable filter,
• (6) Securing Filler Cap to Formulation Tank
Formulation Tank Ports ALL compliant with WHO Guidelines – being a minimum of 90mm d

Key Features cont.:
• The CHIEF-700 has a:
• Needle Valve Flow Rate Control incorporating Fixed Solution Flow Rate (FSFR) Valves.
• Maximum Flow Rate Capacity: 0-60 litres per hour with no Regulating valves attached.
• To regulate flow a BRASS Set of 5A FSFR Valves* is supplied for personal setting requirements.
■ #20 = 5lts/Hr
■ #28 = 10lts/Hr - this Valve is Factory set before shipping
■ #37 = 16lts/Hr
■ #42 = 21lts/Hr
■ #47 = 26lts/Hr
■ Additional Valve Orifice Sizes are optional & are available as a BRASS Set of 5B FSFR Valves*
• #50 =31lts/Hr, #55 = 37 lts/Hr, #60 = 44lts/Hr, #65=50lts/Hr, #70 = 55lts/Hr
* Stainless Steel FSFR Valves are Optional
• Mechanical Tilt Control assembly – not friction elevation – therefore no slippage when wet or worn.
■ The Tilt Control is metal – not plastic - Elevation is set with a Secure Locator Pin.
• Sturdy Metal Handle incorporated into Motor/Nozzle Housing Assembly bracket to distribute load.
• Sturdy Metal Motor/Nozzle Housing Assembly Mounting Bracket – to Formulation Tank – secured to
Formulation Tank with Grip Lug Screw-on Cap – interchangeable with Nozzle Cap
• Formulation Pick-up Tube / Filter Assembly positioned to pick-up all Formulation within the
Formulation Tank. Filter Assembly is Push-on with Stainless Steel Mesh secured with VITON filter
• Filler Cap has a “marker pen” screen for Chemical Product and Rate recording – a mini ‘Whiteboard’.
• 2.6m earthed Power Lead
The CHIEF-700 ‘NOVA-MIST’ Nozzle features:
• 6 vane Spiral, HDPE Diffuser / Vortical Nozzle Assembly secured with a Grip Lug Screw-on Cap
• A Fully Replaceable Nozzle Face Plate – with built-in Air Bleed release.
■ Air Bleed assists to entrain the surrounding air for greater chemical dispersal.
• 6 litre capacity, with a Filler Port and Flow Rate Control Port.
• Interchangeable if required – 4lt, 6lt or 9lt are all interchangeable.
• Fully Compliant to WHO Guidelines with 90mm Filler and Valve Port apertures.
• Fitted with a ‘sacrificial’ Rubber Boot for Tank Base and Side protection.
THE CHIEF-700 has a:
• 24 month Limited Warran